*Friday, August 18th @ 5-7pm @ Columbus statue on Memorial Pkwy, Utica — Anti-racism rally sponsored by the Utica Activist Coalition. 

There will be an anti-racism rally at the Christopher Columbus statue on the Memorial Parkway (cross street is Mohawk) at 5-7pm that is sponsored by the Utica Activist Coalition group members. It would be great to attend this event.


Very important!!!!!!!
Please save tomorrow, Thursday, August 17 at 5:30 pm for a vigil in memory of Qasir Lee Brown, a 6 year old boy on a bicycle who was killed by a neighbor who backed out over him twice on Aug. 2 at 5:30.

The white driver was in a violent rage and used racist hate speech before and after Qasir was killed. He has expressed no remorse. The Utica OD has, to date, declined to cover the story. The UPD has said they don’t know if they will charge the driver and they have said, after minimal investigation, that they may close the investigation Friday.
There will be no justice in our own community unless we stand up for this family and the neighbors, many of whom witnessed Qasir’s killing.

Please, please come. This is our Charlottesville.
128 Boyce Avenue
You can park at the elementary school where Qasir was in first grade: Watson Williams, 107 Elmwood Place in Utica. The teachers from the elementary school will also be present and need our support.

This is a peaceful vigil.
You can read about Qasir in the Eannace funeral home page.

If you can’t attend please call Scott McNamara’s office and demand equal justice. And call media outlets, especially the Utica OD, and demand that they publish the story they have been sitting on for 2 weeks.

Please come. We need you. We can’t be silent.



Sanctuary Church Movement

In consideration of the possibility of becoming part of the Sanctuary Movement, these are some links that will inform us of the movement and what’s involved should we move ahead on this. There is also a hard copy of this at the Meetinghouse.  Also, in the hard copy book there are pocket-sized informational cards that explain your rights should ICE comes to your door. They are in different languages. Please feel free to take some and give them to people who may be affected by this.



Volunteers Needed!

We  are looking for volunteers who would like to open the Meeting house and to sweep/ do light cleaning after Meetings on Sunday mornings.  This is done on a one month rotation.  Please contact Liseli if interested.