There will be a called meeting on Monday November 6th at 7 pm at the meetinghouse.  The topic of this called meeting is about the sanctuary committee and their request to move forward.  We are seeking input from members and attenders.

Please make every effort to attend.




Sanctuary Church Movement

In consideration of the possibility of becoming part of the Sanctuary Movement, these are some links that will inform us of the movement and what’s involved should we move ahead on this. There is also a hard copy of this at the Meetinghouse.  Also, in the hard copy book there are pocket-sized informational cards that explain your rights should ICE comes to your door. They are in different languages. Please feel free to take some and give them to people who may be affected by this.



Volunteers Needed!

We  are looking for volunteers who would like to open the Meeting house and to sweep/ do light cleaning after Meetings on Sunday mornings.  This is done on a one month rotation.  Please contact Liseli if interested.