Meeting for Business October 1, 2017

Meeting for Business

October 1, 2017


Present:  Alex , Mark , Debbie, Ami,  MaryEllen


The meeting opened with gathered silence.

Mark Read a thank you card from Michele.

Treasurer’s Report


The treasurer’s report was read and approved.

Buildings and Grounds

Nothing new to report.  The lawn mower is out for repairs.

Reminder to everyone to only press the on/off button on the heaters for heat.

FCNL Advocacy Team

The team met with Congresswoman’s Claudia Tenney’s office staff and with the Congresswoman herself.  When they met with the staff, that meeting went well.  Tenney’s staff took notes, seemed attentive, and asked questions.  The team walked away positive.  When they met with Congresswoman Tenney, the team felt that they were not heard.  Congresswoman Tenney did most of the talking – went into lawyer mode- and appeared to be defensive.  Our goal, as a team, is to build a working relationship with our Congress and Senators.  The team also participates in a monthly phone call with FCNL along with the other groups and gives updates on their teams.  The team gave their report about meeting with Tenney.  Buffy and MaryEllen are thinking about attending the FCNL conference in Washington DC in November.

Sanctuary Committee

We’re looking at what needs to be done here at the meeting house to be a sanctuary; but realized that we cannot do this alone.  MaryEllen made a spread sheet of what needs to be done to the meeting house and what we can/cannot do as a meeting; and a cost estimate. There is a one-time expense of about $3,000.00.  Annual expenses would be about $12,000.00 a year; which would be about $1,000.00 a month.  We need to let the entire meeting know about (1) all this expense to do this, (2) Full support, volunteers, and total involvement needed by its members.

MaryEllen asked for a called meeting regarding sanctuary to be held on Monday November 6th at 7 pm.  The request was approved.


  • The budget for this year’s review and a draft of next year’s budget will be brought up at next business meeting.

The meeting ended in gathered silence.

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