Meeting for Business March, 2017

Meeting for Business
March 5, 2017
The Meeting opened with Gathering silence and a reading from Living Thoughts of Great People by Eknath Easwaran.
The Minutes were read and approved.
The Treasure’s report was read and  accepted.
Buildings and Grounds:
Indoor clean-up day will be March 19th. Outdoor clean-up day will be April 30th.
A discussion was held on updating the smoke detectors. This will be followed up at a later Meeting for Business.
The gym report: A treadmill, a stationary bicycle and a rowing machine will be installed in the taped off area on the floor. People are invited to go and look at the space. Painting can happen after the equipment is in. The plan was approved.
One Estimate for the roof replacement was presented. We will get additional estimates and also consider the possibility of replacing the roof with volunteers. Roofers were suggested by Barbara, Mary Ellen and Alexander. Liseli will get in touch for estimates after she is given the contact information of these recommended roofers. The money for the roof will come out of Friends Fiduciary Fund.
The Heaters have been running more than they need to. There are now notes on each heater explaining how to turn the heaters on and off. We will evaluate how this works over the next month. If we continue to have problems we will contact Mirabito after the April business meeting.
A discussion was held on seating in the Meeting Room. The current chairs take up a lot of space, but are welcoming. A mix of chairs in needed for individuals comfort.
The Use of the Meeting House for Outside Groups was reviewed.
Liseli  has resigned as Recording Clerk as of June 2017. Deb  will be recording clerk starting in June 2017.
The Flea Market date will be Saturday April 29th, 2017 from 8-2 at the Meeting House. Members or attenders who want to have a table to sell items will be charged $5. There will be a meeting table where baked goods can be sold. Deb and Michele will be primary organizers.
An initial discussion of Pass Through Accounts was held. These accounts are used by some meetings for their members who have a public ministry. These Meetings take donations to that ministry. The donations then could be used as a tax deduction because it went through a Not For Profit organization. Individuals would get a letter from the meeting at the end of the year for their donation. A person who has a public ministry needs to be a member and have a care committee in the Meeting. Donors would need to ask for a letter for tax purposes from the treasurer. Is there any accountability for the money? Are receipts needed? Does it need to be addressed now or do we wait until there is someone who is called and has a Care Committee? This will be re addressed in the future.
A discussion was held on the Meeting as a Sanctuary site. A Copy of information on Sanctuary Sites is available at the Meeting House for loan so that we can read it and educate ourselves on the issues. This issue will be revisited at the next Meeting for Business.
The next Meeting for Business will be April 9th (note change to the
second Sunday of the Month)
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