Meeting for Business July, 2017


Meeting for Business Minutes

July 2, 2017


The meeting opened with gathered silence.  The minutes from last month’s business meeting was read and approved.

Treasurer’s Report

The treasurer’s report was read and approved.


Building and Grounds

The new roof is now on the meeting house.  It took two days to install it.  Smoke detectors have been purchased and need to be installed.  Three are smoke detectors only; and one is both a smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector.  It has yet to be decided where to place the double alarm.

Old Business

Liseli gave the Peacemaker award during Clinton’s High School award ceremony.


Sanctuary Committee

Two meetings have taken place so far.  AFSC and National Sanctuary Movement do work together and have resources that we can use.  Debbie and Buffy were part of a phone conference.  Debbie has signed up for bi-weekly conferences through the National Sanctuary Movement.  Liseli contacted Lucy Duncan at AFSC for more information.  David  has spoken to the Latino group and they do need help; and also to the BOCES migrant workers program also said that they, too, need help.  ICE presence is now up here.  DMV has even called in ICE.  Michelle said that she was talking to an undocumented worker on the bus about their situation.  Liseli talked about a report that was done about the migrant farmers in New York (  It was brought up that sixteen undocumented migrant workers were arrested at a horse racing track in Saratoga.  Do we know if there were any workers arrested at Vernon Downs?  Mary Ellen then read, for approval, a minute that the committee wrote up for them to move forward.  If approved, the committee will look to partner with other groups to see what can be done.  Seeing that there were not many people present, Mark suggested to sending out the minute via email for overall comments/suggestions.  However, the committee can still move forward with what’s being done.  The minute will be brought back next meeting for approval.

Advocacy Team

Twenty people showed up for the three hour introductory meeting.  The woman from FCNL was a terrific speaker.  She talked about that FCNL has over 600 teams up and running in only two years.  The mission for this year is to approach senators about Pentagon spending.  People were asked to sign up to continue this training.  On June 29th, was the first of four part phone training.  Ten people have signed up for this.  FCNL is pleased at our response of people who want this training.  The dates for the training are: July 16th, 31st, and August 9th, all starting at 6 pm.  At the end of this training, people will know how to develop a face-to-face relationship with senators and congressmen.  After the training is completed, there will be a monthly one hour phone conferences.  Anyone can still join.  Contact Liseli if interested.

New Business

  • All donations go into the checking account, and at the end of the year it then goes from checking into the savings account. We will be looking for suggestions to supplement donations.
  • Butternuts quarterly meeting will be held here on January 21, 2018. We are looking for ideas/suggestions for what to present.  One option is the FCNL advocacy team gives a presentation.


The meeting ended with gathered silence.

Next meeting for business will be on August 6th.

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