Meeting for Business April, 2017

The Meeting opened with a moment of silence.
The March minutes were read and approved.
The treasurer’s report was read an approved.
Two roof estimates have been obtained including shingle and steel roof options. The Meeting is more inclined toward metal roof due to its longevity and lower cost. Garry will ask his brother-in-law, a metal roof manufacturer, for information about whether there are any problems with installing metal roof over old shingles. The Meeting empowered Buildings and Grounds to make the decision of roof type and color
Report on the indoor cleanup day. The upstairs was cleaned, windows washed, curtains hung, and a bookcase moved from hospitality room to Meeting Room to further open-up the hospitality room.
Sunday April 30th is outdoor cleanup and indoor set up for the Interfaith Group May 3rd.
The smoke alarms are found to not be hard wired, are 10 year old and at the end of their life span. Buildings and Grounds will address this issue.
The tag sale will be held Saturday May 13th from 8-2. Liseli, Ami and Alexander can be there to staff the Meeting table. If people have things they want to sell they need to be in attendance and remove unsold items at the end of the day. Baked goods will be sold at the Meeting’s table. Mark, Michele, Deb, Buffy, Liseli offered to bring baked goods. coffee, tea will also be available.
State of the Meeting Report presented by Buffy. The report was approved and Buffy will send it to The Yearly Meeting office. The report is attached.
A discussion was held about MVMM becoming more involved in the Sanctuary Movement. Mary Ellen will convene a group to discuss this issue.  If people are interested contact Mary Ellen. Liseli, Buffy, and Michele volunteered. David and Deb were also volunteered. A book on Sanctuary Sites is available at the Meeting House. Please read the book prior to first Meeting. Liseli will attend the Interfaith Matters Group Monday to get more information on things that are happening in our area.
We are Hosting the Utica Interfaith Group Luncheon Wednesday May 3rd. Buffy, Liseli and Michele are hosts. More seating is needed inside and out and volunteers to provide food. Barbara, Mary Ellen, Liseli and Buffy can bring food. Mark offered extra parking in his driveway. Ami will help Buffy with set up on May 2.
MVMM is hosting QuED Saturday May 6th. Five people need hospitality Friday night. Liseli and Buffy can host 3 or 4 people. Mark and Deb can host one. Mary Ellen can possibly host one.  Mark will help with breakfast (scones, fried potato dish). Alexander can provide internet and lunch (soup, bread, salad, dessert). Ami will provide childcare if needed and is hoping to attend part of the day. So another person will be needed for childcare as well. We are predicting 10-12 people.
York Fund applications for educational expenses are due May 1.
The next Meeting for Business with be May 7,2017.
The Meeting closed with a moment of silence.
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