Meeting for Business June, 2017

Meeting for Business

June 4, 2017

The meeting opened with Buffy reading from Living Thoughts of Great People; and then with gathered silence.

Last month’s meeting for business minutes were read and approved.

Treasurer’s Report was read and approved.

Building and Grounds

The new smoke detectors need to be purchased and installed to replace the existing outdated ones.

Liseli spoke to Josse about the metal roof. There was no set start date as Josse needed to do haying first.  50% of the cost will be due on the first day of work. There is enough in the savings account to fully pay for the new roof; but that would leave a balance of about $1,500 in the account.  A suggestion was made to pay half from savings and half from Friends Fiduciary.  A discussion ensued about how much should always be in the savings account and how does it get replenished.  Donations to the meeting house goes into the checking account while gifts from estates go into the savings account.  It was agreed upon to use the savings account to pay for the new roof, and then find a way to replenish the savings account.

Peacemaker Award

Liseli stated that Clinton High School senior Abigal  will receive the award for this year.  Liseli read a letter from the school regarding Abigal’s involvement in both school and environmental issues.  The award will be presented on Wednesday night June 7th.

Sanctuary Committee 

Mary Ellen gave a report explaining the possibility of becoming a sanctuary site.  The committee talked about the National Sanctuary Movement and the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) and how Quakers are involved.  Liseli is part of the interfaith group in Utica, and said that no local church is yet involved so we may be the first.  David  is looking at the statistics of the area and see what is needed locally.  AFSC is working with the National Sanctuary Movement; and it was suggested that we use AFSC for information as they’re Quaker based.  There was also discussion about signing the Sanctuary Movement pledge that is on their website.  Buffy read the pledge aloud.  A discussion regarding what it I about and what it means if we signed it followed.  Debbie will be signing up for biweekly phone conference calls through the National Sanctuary Movement for more information.  The committee’s next meeting date is June 14th.

The Monthly meeting information sheet was filled out.

Liseli read a letter from a Hamilton College student about her experience attending the meeting during her college stay.

New Items

From 5:30 – 9:00 p.m. on June 23rd, there will be a FCNL advocacy team meeting.  So far only four people have signed up and we need fifteen for this to take place.  It’s about how to lobby and building relationships with political leaders.  This year’s focus is not increasing the military budget.

The York fund helps pays for religious and educational purposes related to Friend’s work.  As of now only two people have applied and there’s still money available.  You have until the end of June to apply.  If it’s not used, it goes to equalization funds.  The contact person for this is Buffy.  Please specify tuition and room/board.

Interfaith Matters is creating a list of resources that are available in the area.  Can we add family emergency to this list and to also tell them that if there are people interested in having meetings here to contact Mark?

The next business meeting will be on July 2nd.

The meeting ended with gathered silence.



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